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Skønlitteratur om Danmark på engelsk


En engelslæsende yngre dame vil gerne læse skønlitteratur om Danmark. Hun har bl.a. læst Blixen. Hvad findes oversat?


Hans Christian Andersen - The Shadow (1847)
Andersen's fairy tales have been translated and adapted enumerable times around the globe, and his birthday is celebrated as the International Children's Book Day on the 2 April. According to our calculations which have been backed up by several scientists, it is, at least in terms of readership, bigger than the Bible.
You can order it here: http://bibliotek.dk/linkme.php?rec.id=820010-katalog%3A2821575
- An other side of Hans Christian Andersen than fairytales - a somewhat selfbiographical book!

Dan Turèll – Murder in the Dark
Dan Turèll is Denmark's contribution to the beat literary movement. He wrote about jazz, drugs and the city life. The Murder Series is a group of hard-boiled detective novels, set in an alternative crime-ridden version of 1980's Copenhagen.
We only have the first in the series in English.
Order it here: http://bibliotek.dk/linkme.php?rec.id=820030-katalog%3A1871561

Tom Kristensen – Havoc (1968)
Himself a former student at the University of Copenhagen, the poet Tom Kristensen was a 'painter' of city life in Copenhagen, and very much inspired by writers as Joyce and Baudelaire. 'Havoc' is a depiction of the life of the artist and writer in 1930's Copenhagen. The story follows the literary critic Ole Jastrau drinking himself to death.
Order it here: http://bibliotek.dk/linkme.php?rec.id=870970-basis%3A00360120

Hans Scherfig – The Stolen Spring (1940)
Hans Christian Scherfig was not only known for his writing, but also for his paintings and his political activities in the Communist Party. The Stolen Spring describes the Danish school system of the beginning of the 20th century. A group of students are terrorized by the harsh teacher C. Blomme, who is killed in the opening of the novel, but by whom?
Order it here: http://bibliotek.dk/linkme.php?rec.id=870970-basis%3A07852614

Henrik Pontoppidan ― Lucky Per (1898-1904)
Nobel Prize winner Pontoppidan wrote this eight-volume novel tracing the life of protagonist Peter Sidenius. Son to a vicar, Peter rebels and moves to Copenhagen to study engineering where he reinvents hismelf as "Per". His plan is to make a channel system between the lakes and rivers in Jutland. By raising funds for his project he becomes acquainted with a rich Jewish family, and later engaged to one of the daughters, Jacobe. The story twists and turns unexpectedly.
Order it here http://bibliotek.dk/linkme.php?rec.id=870970-basis%3A45044904

De nævnte bøger er hentet fra denne liste:
- A list of Danish poets You must read! - I have only taken the ones which goes on in Denmark!


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