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extend my library books online


Good Day,

I would like to extend my library books online. Please could you give me help with this. I cannot see how to do this on the website.

Best regards

Amanda Niddeboe


You go into bibliotek.dk where you click "Log ind" in the upper right corner.

Then a windows opens, and you write your email and password. If you have forgot your password, you can use your NemID instead, if you have got one. Or else you can click the link "Nyt kodeord" where you will be asked to write your email, and if you do that you will get an email which help you resetting your password!

When you have logged in you click "Min side" in the upper right corner. And when the side have loaded, you can click "Lånerstatus" in the menu to the left. And now you should see a list of all the materials that you have at home! Each title you can mark by clicking in the box to the left of it.

When you have marked the titles you want to extend the lending period for, you click the "Forny markerede" button at the bottom left!

And thats it! - I hope I have given an answer you can use!

John Holm, the "Libraryguard" (o:


NB! Eksterne link i denne besvarelse fungerede da svaret blev afsendt. De er ikke blevet kontrolleret siden og kan være blevet inaktive