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Bøger om "the fictional things and food"


I like to read about the fiktional things and food, if you can help me find som book about that


Since you have written your question for us in English, I assume you are on the look-out for books in that language.

I think my best option for helping you along to some worthwhile reads on the topic you are searching for, would be this article about (fictional stories=) novels containing a food / dining-angle. There are 28 suggestions in this article and I hope some would sound interesting to you: https://neverenoughnovels.com/2020/02/13/novels-about-food/

Your own, local library may not have these titles in English, but most of them should be obtainable from other libraries via bibliotek.dk or with the aide of your local library that can order them for you from other Danish library collections.

I hope this will be of help to you. Have a nice weekend.


NB! Eksterne link i denne besvarelse fungerede da svaret blev afsendt. De er ikke blevet kontrolleret siden og kan være blevet inaktive