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Viggo Norn - in English


Of primary interest is the Danish Architect Viggo Norn, Kgl Byningsinspector. Could you please provide me with his birth date as well as well as the date of his death. He resided in Horsens during the first and second WW I believe. Also, I do believe he was the ?power? behind the construction of the building which housed Horsens Museum, as he was the ?Forman? or chairman of the Museumforening. I am uncertain however as to whether or not he was the chief Architect of the Horsens Museum building ? that is my secondary interest. Any information on his professional connection with the museum through the first half of the 20th century would be very much appreciated.


You'll find information about Viggo Norn in Danish, which I'm not sure whether you understand or not?

I'll try to translate the most essential parts -

http://www.leksikon.horsens.dk/grube/1850_1930/tema-1158680740-250572-10312.tkl concerning his buildings in Horsens
About the museum:
Around 1915 Norn under inspiration from the neoclassicism let build The Museum of Horsens at Sundvej. The building known today has been constructed in two times:first in 1915 and second in 1930. His idea was to finish the house by another part, but lack of economy has always postponed this.

About his life:
http://www.horsens.varberg.dk/soeg.asp?soeg=Barakkerne&bsoeg=Horsens -tells us his birth date
I quote Jens Emig:
Viggo Norn. Born the 13th of June 1879 in Torup near Randers. 14 years old he became apprentice by a bricklayer in Silkeborg. The 19th of February 1900 he was accepted as a student at The School of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He opened his own drawing office in Horsens in 1905 at Allegade 45.

This obituary tells that he lived from to I presume 21st of September 1967
maybe the day before, as this is the date of the newspaper.

About the Horsens Museum/ Artmuseum :
http://www.horsenskunstmuseum.dk/sw345.asp you'll see a photo where Viggo Norn is in as a member of the chair of the museum.

Horsens also has the Industrial Museum of Denmark, situated in a building designed in 1906 by Viggo Norn, earlier the Power Station.

I hope this will help you. If you need further information feel free to contact us again or contact maybe the Archives of Horsens where it might be possible to find more interesting information:

Byarkivet, Søndergade 26, 8700 Horsens
Tlf.: +45 75610922
E-mail: byarkivet@horsens.dk


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